ISS hospital worker faces sack over face mask dispute

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"It is simply staggering that a complaint about a lack of PPE can lead to a worker being disciplined," says GMB Union 

A hospital worker employed by private company ISS have been told he faces the sack after a dispute over PPE. 

The man - who collects rubbish from Queen Elizabeth’s hospital in Woolwich - was told he wasn’t entitled to wear a face mask.  

The man lives with his brother who is at high risk from covid-19 and he told management he was concerned about contracting and transmitting the virus to his brother. 

When he complained, ISS falsely claimed they instigated disciplinary proceedings for ‘violent behaviour’ and that it had nothing to do with PPE. 

The company has so far failed to provide notes of the investigation meeting to GMB Union as requested. 

Helen O’Connor, GMB Organiser, said: “It is simply staggering that a complaint about a lack of PPE in hospitals can lead to a worker being disciplined. 

“Now more than ever employers should be doing everything in their power to ensure that hospital staff don’t contract or transmit the virus. 

“They should be taking all steps necessary to assist the NHS to retain the staff needed to keep the hospital safe during this pandemic. 

“GMB will vigorously protect members’ health and safety in the workplace where it is being threatened by poor practice. Any member who feels their health and safety is being put at risk though a lack of PPE should contact us immediately. 

“We will continue to campaign for all these outsourced services to be brought back in house for good  as it is becoming increasingly clear that private companies are failing in their duty of care to their workforce, the patients and the public.” 


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