GMB’s Wandsworth Street Cleaners to strike

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GMB members working for Continental Landscapes as drivers and street cleaners on the Wandsworth Council contract are to hold the first of a series of 2 day walk outs on 28th February and 1st March over pay.

Wandsworth Council and its contractor have ignored requests to raise staff pay from £7.50 an hour to the real living wage set by the living wage foundation of £9.75.
Paul Grafton, GMB Regional Officer said “the directors of Continental Landscapes are simply promoting modern day slavery within Wandsworth and yet the Council show no interest and appear to be happy to see the staff earning so little.

“GMB members employed by Continental Landscapes undertake significant manual work for a pittance of £7.50 an hour leaving some staff struggling to pay for the most basic of needs yet the directors swan around in their luxury cars and relax in their plush homes in the UK and France. The real cost of bringing staff up to £9.75 per hour could be easily met by Continental Landscapes and still leave a very healthy profit.

“Since Continental Landscapes have taken on the contract the staff have suffered, not only in having their hours slashed but also the rates of overtime reduced at weekends and evenings. Some staff will also be losing a further £150 a month as a result of the continual cuts on the contract. The first 2 days of action will be Tuesday 28th February and Wednesday 1st March”

Contact: Paul Grafton, 07714 239092 or 020 8397 8881

Notes to editors
1) Continental Landscapes have an operating profit of £2.5 million in 2016, a rise of 25.6% since 2015, on a turnover of £29.8m
2) The directors have paid themselves over £1.8 million on bonuses since 2012, companies’ house records show there are 2 significant properties owned in the UK and 1 in France. The company holds a healthy cash reserve of over £5.5 million.