GMB claims victory as Ministers grant free car parking for NHS and Social Care staff during Coronavirus Crisis

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Union calls for extension of scheme to all key workers - and permanent end to scandal leaving NHS and ambulance staff who care for sick paying hundreds to park at work

GMB, the union for NHS, ambulance and social care workers, has claimed victory as Ministers confirmed free parking for NHS and social care workers during the coronavirus crisis.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock is urging all NHS Trusts to make use of  immediate Government funding to abolish parking charges for their staff during the Covid-19 pandemic. [1]

The Local Government Secretary has agreed local councils will also offer free car parking to all NHS workers and social care staff during the coronavirus outbreak.

Freedom of information requests submitted by GMB have previously exposed NHS Trusts forcing cash-strapped staff fork out up to £1,300 a year to park at work. [2]

Rehana Azam, GMB National Secretary said: “Those who care for the sick deserve a medal, not to be charged hundreds of pounds to park at work.

“It’s common sense and decency that NHS and social care staff should get free car parking as they fight this crisis on the frontline - as should all key workers.

“Key workers going to work by car rather than taking public transport, keeping themselves and others safe through this crisis were being penalised and punished for doing so.

“This is a victory for our hard-fought campaigning but it’s high time for these charges to be scrapped once and for all.

“We need a permanent end to the scandal that leaves NHS and ambulance workers paying hundreds and thousands just to park at the hospitals that they work at.


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