GMB Southern Region recovers £5.6m in compensation

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In 2019, GMB Southern Region recovered over £5.6m in compensation for its members

Ranging from issues such as a failure to pay wages to disability discrimination, unfair dismissal to a failure to pay redundancy pay, last year GMB representatives, day in day out, assisted members to resolve disputes relating to their employment.

Included in the above figure are also cases where GMB assisted members to bring personal injury claims following injuries sustained in the workplace or accidents suffered outside of work such as road traffic accidents.

The above figure, however, does not include the millions of pounds secured for members by GMB representatives negotiating pay rises and pay deals.

Paul Maloney, Regional Secretary, GMB Southern Region, said, “Employers are becoming more blasé in their approach to employees’ terms and conditions, health and safety and welfare. The GMB has noticed an ever increasing negative attitude by employers in favour of profiteering. The GMB will not stand by and allow our members in the workplace to be treated like second class citizens in favour of company profits.”

If you have a workplace issue, please contact your GMB representative without delay.