GMB seek urgent meeting AA CEO to discuss ongoing problems in the business

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GMB, the union for staff in the AA, seek an urgent meeting with Acting Chief Executive of the AA, Simon Breakwell, to discuss ongoing problems in the business following the sacking of Executive Chairman, Bob Mackenzie yesterday, 1 August 2017, for gross misconduct.

Paul Grafton, GMB regional organiser said, “We seek a meeting with the acting CEO, Simon Breakwell, to discuss ongoing problems in the business and the bullying and intimidation that has taken place over the last few years on Bob Mackenzie’s watch.

“It is under his watch that staff Terms and Conditions and sick pay have been eroded and work life balance is being systematically destroyed.

“Over 60 patrols have left the AA in June alone adding to the many that have gone before. These are top quality, fully trained patrols and simply gave up on the brand they loved. They are being replaced by patrols that have not passed the practical test.

“GMB want to raise a question on our understanding of the 10 patrols that have been recently recruited and trained, only 1 passed the test, yet they have all  been kept on and will be trained ‘on the job.’

“GMB want assurances that patrols being bullied in to selling parts and membership and humiliated in team talks if they didn’t sell will stop.”

Contact: Andy Prendergast on 07984 492726 or Paul Maloney on 07801 343839

Notes to editors:

1) The AA is expected to hide behind an in-house trade union that is not affiliated to the TUC and not respond to press officials or GMB requests so they can continue with their dirty work behind closed doors.

2) AA plc press release

1 August 2017

Bob Mackenzie and pre-close update

The AA plc announces that Bob Mackenzie has been removed by the Board from his role as Executive Chairman, from his other roles and as a Director and as an employee of the Company, for gross misconduct, with immediate effect.

The roles held by Bob Mackenzie will be filled as follows:

John Leach has been appointed as Chairman. John joined the AA in June 2014 as a Non-Executive Director and was appointed as Senior Independent Director on 13 November 2014. John is also Chair of the Nomination Committee and a member of the Risk and Audit Committees.

Simon Breakwell has been appointed as Acting Chief Executive. Simon joined the AA in September 2014 as a Non-Executive Director and is currently Chair of the Remuneration Committee and a member of the Nomination Committee. Outside of the AA, Simon is currently a Venture Partner at TCV, one of the leading global mid cap funds, and Chairman of Business Data 4 Travel. Simon was a founder of Expedia and a member of the main board for ten years from 1996. More recently, Simon was responsible for establishing the European operations for

As detailed in the annual report, the Board had already begun the process of splitting the combined roles of Executive Chairman as the Company nears the end of the transformation programme. The Nomination Committee will now accelerate this appointment of a Chief Executive.

Andrew Blowers has been appointed as Senior Independent Director, replacing John Leach in that role. Andrew joined the AA in September 2014 as a Non-Executive Director and is Chair of the Risk Committee and a member of the Audit and Nomination Committees.

Martin Clarke continues as the Chief Financial Officer.