GMB members tell Asda: Respect your Workers with mass demonstration in Leeds

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On Wednesday last week well over a thousand GMB members travelled up to Leeds to take part in a demonstration, to show their anger at Asda's imposition of Contract 6. Asda has given their staff notice that if they don't sign up to the new contract they will be sacked. Contract six gives staff an increase in pay to £9 per hour (the minimum wage next April) but in exchange staff need to be more "flexible". This "flexibility" includes Asda being able to change peoples shift days and times. The contract also cuts night shift premiums and gets rid of all paid breaks. The contract was voluntary but Asda have now given workers notice they will impose it. 
The demonstration in Leeds had well over a thousand GMB members expressing their anger at the way Asda is treating them. You can see photos of the day below. GMB members call on Asda to respect their workforce and return to the negotiating table with the GMB.
Alongside this demo over 18,000 people have signed GMBs petition calling on Asda to respect their workers. If you haven't already signed please show your support by signing the petition here: