GMB calls on Jeremy Hunt to explain lack of involvement in SECAmb Trust

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GMB has called for health secretary Jeremy hunt to explain the lack of involvement in SECAmb trust.

Questions must be asked over Jeremy Hunt’s involvement, if any, in the dubious decision not to place the trust into special measures says GMB

GMB, the union for workers in the ambulance service, has called on Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to explain his failure to support a CQC recommendation to place SECAmb under emergency measures.

County councillors were told last month (Thursday, 30th June 2016) that the Care and Quality Commission (CQC) and NHS England had suggested putting the trust into ‘voluntary special measures’ as it could lead to more money and support.

GMB considers it essential that there be a House of Commons Health Select Committee enquiry into the ongoing crisis in patient transport services and that SECAmb is immediately put into special measures in order to protect patients.

Gary Palmer, GMB Regional Organiser, says “Questions must be asked over Jeremy Hunt’s involvement, if any, in the dubious decision not to place the Trust into special measures by the CQC especially considering that his constituency sits within the South East Coast Ambulance Trust’s remit.

GMB continues to hear stories and complaints from trust staff on a daily basis – not just about the constant failings of shady members of the management team but because results are simply not improving.

Cover ups from senior management continue, bullying throughout the organisation is rife and yet to be dealt with and confidence in the board and executive team has fallen as low as it could possibly get.

How much longer do frontline Healthcare Professionals have to put up with being stifled by senior managers hell bent on protecting their jobs to the detriment of the ambulance professionals and patient safety?

GMB is therefore calling for the House of Commons Health Select Committee to launch an immediate enquiry, that the CQC make good their initial recommendation to place SECAMB into special measures, and that the Secretary of State for Health not only comes clean about any involvement to date but supports the implementation of special measures to protect both staff and patients.”


Contact: GMB press office on 07970 863411 or Gary Palmer on 07552 165950