Cleaners, porters and caterers to strike at four Berkshire hospitals

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Facilities staff at King Edward VII, Wokingham, Upton and St Marks Hospital sites to walk out over forced changes to contracts, says GMB Union 

Cleaners, porters, caterers and other facilities staff are set to strike at four Berkshire hospitals over forced changes to their contracts. 

Facilities staff at King Edward VII, Wokingham, Upton and St Marks Hospital sites voted overwhelmingly to take strike action.  

The dispute is over fears that recently tupe'd facilities staff, including housekeepers face detrimental contractual changes, as their new employer forces changes to job titles and roles.  

NHS Property Services are implementing changes as part of their organisational review by seeking to make changes under the umbrella of required efficiencies and cost savings.  

Asia Allison, GMB Senior Organiser said:  

“It’s crunch time for NHS Property Services, we have tried engaging with senior management, but they remain intransigent in their aims to change perfectly good and long-standing NHS job titles and roles which have always been linked to NHS pay bandings and scales.  

“Our members need cast iron guarantees, that NHS Property services will honour their link to the NHS family - their pay and term and conditions.   

“NHS Property Services have already told members their co-called organisational review could lead to changes even though they originally told staff that it wouldn’t.”