Hastings & Rother bin strike called off as members accept new pay deal

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The deal will see members receive a pay rise of up to £19.5% and a guaranteed bonus payment

The deal will see members receive a pay rise of up to £19.5% and a guaranteed bonus payment GMB members in East Sussex have accepted an improved pay offer from Biffa which puts an end to the dispute and calls off the proposed bin strike.

The strike was set to affect homes in the Hastings & Rother Council catchment area.

This one year deal will see these low paid workers receive a pay increase of between 11 and 19.5% depending on their job role, as well as a guaranteed bonus payment of £500 to £600 before 1st April.

Frank Macklin, GMB Regional Organiser said: “Well done to every GMB member for getting this pay deal across the line. It was only through their solidarity and strength that we were able to properly make the case for a proper pay rise that truly reflects the hard work that they put in on a daily basis.

“To be clear, the union believed that these members warranted a larger pay deal, but our members voted to accept the improved tabled offer, thus calling off the strike and carrying on working hard to deliver a very successful service in the Hastings and Rother areas as they always do.

“Management can though expect the same again next year and the year after that, as this workforce will continue to demand respect and better pay for the difficult and dirty work they do.”

Mark Turner, GMB B50 Branch Secretary said: “Today’s pay settlement shows the power of being in the GMB, and of being an active member of that union. By making a united stand with their colleagues, we’ve seen the company move from an opening 1.75% increase with a day off in lieu, to pay increases of up to 19.5%.

“We negotiate for the GMB but it’s up to our members to accept or reject any tabled offers made and not GMB officials. This deal is no exception, and it wasn’t unanimous, but the members have collectively decided to accept the deal.

“No doubt the employer were extremely relieved to hear that the offer has been accepted and the strike has been called off.

“Our role is to listen, organise and improve our members’ lives where we can. GMB will carry on putting members’ pay aspirations and proposals to management at further sites all around the Southern Region. It could even be your workplace soon.”