GMB Southern Race Network

GMB Southern Region set up our Southern Race Network and had an official launch in 2019 at London City Hall.

The group has gone from strength to strength ever since, and is now a completely self-organised group, who describe themselves as follows:

The SRN is a self-organised regional race network for self-defined BAME members and Allies in Southern Region.  Our aim is to promote equality through tackling issues of race discrimination that affect members in the workplace.  We campaign on and highlight issues of discrimination and advocate for best practice.  Examples of current campaigns are Windrush, Police Brutality and Stop & Search.  We hold regular meetings, and hold events such as webinars and training sessions which are for now run online but will hopefully move back to being held in person very soon.


If you are interested in getting more involved in the Southern Race Network, please complete our form at and fill in your details.

If you have any questions about the group, or would like more information on when the next events will be taking place, please contact Michelle Gordon, Regional Equality Officer, using the contact details provided on the right hand side of this page.