HGV drivers for chicken giant vote to accept a bumper consolidation uplift of up to £13,000 a year

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GMB members vote to avoid a strike which would have had massive implications for the UK chicken industry

GMB members who deliver chicken to big chain restaurants and supermarkets have voted to accept a bumper consolidation buyout which will see their pay increase by up to £13,000 a year.

HGV drivers working for Avara voted to take strike action, but the union has now settled the dispute - with the members accepting one of the biggest consolidation uplifts seen in the sector.

Nicola Nixon, GMB Regional Organiser, said: “The work these members do is tough. It involves being away from home, often missing out on family time and working long hours.

“The pandemic showed us just how vital this work is and how much society should value these workers.

“This consolidation rise is nothing more than the workers deserve. With demand for HGV drivers going up and the costs of living and bills these members face going through the roof, members made it clear that they needed to see a significant offer to call off any action.

“The members know their worth and have stood together.

“To give Avara credit they have recognised this and made an offer our members felt able to accept.”