SWAST Reap Black Status Ballot

GMB members have been reporting real concerns ​around the recent enforced override of the meal break SOP at SWAST. 

Having food remain on your base station whilst you are directed to an alternative site is simply wrong.

Our members have reported that they at times find themselves without the funds or means to access food, even if they wished to buy an alternative.  Members may be sent to ambulance stations where they are unable to rest properly, and even more concerningly may be unable to follow Covid guidelines due to the large number of staff being asked to take a break at the same stations, at the same time.

GMB are concerned that this will see a detrimental effect on the health and safety of staff (i.e. you, our members) as well as further driving down already very low morale and exacerbating the current exhaustion we know many of you are experiencing. 

Moreover, it is completely unacceptable to put staff well-being and work balance in danger.

GMB have listened and discussed the matter with your GMB branch, and have formally raised our concerns with the Trust and requested a meeting to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

We cannot however sit back, in the hope that we will come to a resolution.  What if the Reap status moves once again into black status and the override is unilaterally pushed out and enforced again?  What if SWAST simply refuse to consult with GMB?

So, GMB have decided that we need to fully gauge GMB members' views to protect your position through a ballot as to what you would be willing to do (and we mean taking action), should talks with the Trust not see a resolution that you as members can agree to.

Always remember:

Your union needs you to be active, in order to be active in supporting you in return.

With this in mind, please answer all 3 questions below.

You'll note that we ask for your membership number below.  We are not going to be recording how you have voted, this is just to ensure that only members vote, and that nobody votes more than once. Your membership number should be given on the email that you received from us with this link.  If you do not have this to hand, contact us because your vote will not be counted if you do not include it.

Reap Black Status

  • Do you agree that primary meal breaks should be guaranteed to be based on your station? *:

  • During a Reap Black status, should an emergency meal break SOP be agreed with staff through meaningful consultation? *:

  • Would you be willing to take any form of action (strike action or action short of strike) if dialogue with SWAST fails to provide an agreement with GMB Members on a reasonable and/or suitable solution? *: