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GMB refute Waterlooville headteacher comments regarding school redundanciesShare on Twitter Share on Facebook

Posted: 09 Oct 2017

GMB, the union for school support staff, refute the claims made by the headteacher of Purbrook Park School, Paul Foxley, that the current redundancy process will have no impact on the school. GMB also refute that Mr Foxley had no knowledge of pupils removing the GMB flags and placards from the peaceful protest that took place on 28 September.

Nicola Nixon, GMB Southern Officer said, “The statement by Mr Foxley regarding redundancies is incorrect. The staff being made redundant carry out vital roles including Health and Safety checks, fire safety checks and evacuation procedures amongst others. Cutting these jobs has a serious impact on the safety and well-being of pupils and staff alike.

“On his denial of the incidents we know that Mr Foxley was standing on the school gate, with other members of his senior management team. A GMB colleague asked Mr Foxley to stop his pupils removing the flags and he refused to assist. GMB have witnesses to this unfortunate event.

“We are now calling on the parents of those children made to remove flags to come forward as we view this to be a serious safeguarding incident that needs to be addressed.

“GMB have raised a formal complaint to the Governing Body that has yet to be addressed.

“As a parent myself I would be extremely concerned if my children came home from school saying that they had been involved in an incident like this, whilst the headteacher stood by and watched. Not only could the initial act be seen as theft, it was also interfering with a peaceful demonstration. Schools should be a safe learning environment where pupils can obtain a rounded knowledge of the way our world works, anything less is to demean the democracy we enjoy in this Country.

“I urge any parent with a child involved to contact me, the Governing Body or the Department for Education as children should not have been put in this position. We feel that Mr Foxley should be removed from the School immediately.”

Contact: Nicola Nixon 07940 730627

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