Southern Region

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The GMB is recognised as a leading union on health & safety and environmental issues. The GMB Southern Region’s health and safety policy states that the union will work;

To improve the quality of life of all GMB members by encouraging best practice on health, safety and environmental systems and standards at work, to reduce risks and to continuously raise standards.

The GMB Health & Safety Department aims to develop this policy in a practical way and take steps to ensure that where our members work we strive to make their workplace safer.

The GMB has a distinctive approach to dealing with health & safety matters. We support our workplace based Safety Representatives who are safety watchdogs, who represent their members interests on health & safety matters.

Making the workplace safer for our members is our key priority. The starting point for the GMB approach is to reduce accidents, ill health, hazards in general and to take action to minimise or remove these as much as possible.

The GMB does not expect Safety Reps to do the job alone. To be successful they need the help and support from their members, other safety reps and Workplace Organisers. GMB Safety reps also have a Regional Organiser, GMB Branch and a Regional Health and Safety Officer who they can call on for advice and support when necessary.